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Julie Miller,

Childcare Director

Curriculum Philosophy and Major Objectives
Faith Lutheran Childcare is a center where we believe in teaching to the whole child's development: spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical. We provide a safe, caring environment in which children can grow and explore the world around them. We believe that children learn best in a positive setting that includes appropriate activities. We value learning that happens through play, and we value the creativity and curiosity of your child. We believe your child should be loved, valued, and accepted as an individual.

We are here to provide a quality education and help strengthen the faith and character of the children enrolled. We feel that in order to provide the best education possible, it is necessary that Christian values permeate the entire curriculum and all activities. Faith Lutheran Childcare Center is here to assist our school families, as well as our community. With this in mind, we have the following curriculum objectives for our childcare center.

  • To assist the child in his relationship with God.

  • To assist the child in her growth of a positive self-concept by providing a warm and compassionate classroom, encouragement of independence, and responsiveness to both academic and emotional needs.

  • To assist the child in his social growth with others by providing interactions between peers, helping with language between children, and showing ways to enter into play along with how to talk through problem solving.

  • To assist the child in her cognitive development by providing age-appropriate activities for math, writing, reading, and science, and giving her one-on-one attention problem solving through activities.

  • To assist the child in his physical development by providing opportunities for physical activity inside and out to develop muscles and balance.

  • To assist our community and school families with childcare.


 Parents are welcome to visit our center any time.

School-year Program
Our school-year program offers full-time and part-time rates. Many children come to the center before and after school. For our 3, 4, 5, and 6-year-old children, our morning routines provide a classroom-type schedule. We also offer a hot lunch on the days the school is open.


We are on the Seven Oaks Elementary Public School bus line.


Summer Program
Our summer session focuses on water animals, oceans, and our local waters. We include trips to local zoos and Northwest Trek. We include a few other field trips depending on what sounds FUN! We keep the children engaged all summer long.


Summer session begins the Monday following the last day of school in June. Information is published in early spring. Rates are available for full-time or three-day-a-week childcare.


Hours: 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Ages: 18 mths.  - 11 years

Phone: (360) 491-1118

The forms above may be filled out online and emailed to or filled out by hand and brought to Faith.

Daily Schedule

Our daily schedule is designed to incorporate free choice time with more structured activity. Rest time is every afternoon.


A typical day during the school year is as follows:

6:00–8:30a       Free Choice

8:15a                 Students to Class

8:30–8:45a       Clean-up

8:45–8:55a        Jesus Story

8:55–9:45a        Outdoor Recess

9:50–10:00a      Morning Snack

10:00–10:15a    Circle Time

10:15–11:25a    Center Time

11:25–11:35a    Clean Up

11:35–11:45a    Music/Story Time

11:45–12:15p    Lunch

12:15p                Students to Class

12:15–12:45p    Recess

12:45–2:30p      Rest Time

2:30–2:45p        Story Time

2:50–3:00p        Afternoon Snack

3:00–4:45p        Recess

3:15–4:00p        Homework (Gr. 1-6)

4:45–6:00p        Free Choice


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