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Volunteers like you make Faith Lutheran School not just a good school, but a great school. Parents who volunteer are generally very positive people.  They feel good about themselves because they have helped teachers, students, and classrooms. Volunteering also teaches your child how much you value Faith Lutheran School. Parents who volunteer have sacrificed time and energy to be here and we are most grateful. Thank you for investing your time, talents, and often your treasures with Faith Lutheran School.


Stewardship Hours - Due to Covid-19, Stewardship Hrs are on hold until further notice.

Each school year, families with children at Faith Lutheran School are required to contribute volunteer hours called stewardship hours. The number of hours required is based on the class (grade) your child is in, see below.

    Preschool                                  4 hours  

    Pre-kindergarten (3-day)        6 hours

    Jr Kindergarten (5-day)         10 hours

    Kindergarten - 8th grade     15 hours


Families with multiple children at Faith work only the hours required for the highest grade. For example, if you have a child enrolled in pre-kindergarten (6 hours) and one in 2nd grade (15 hours), you are responsible for the 15 hours only--not 25 hours.


Note:  Half of the required hours must be completed by January 31. The remaining half must be completed by the last day of school. Hours not completed by these dates will be billed at the rate of $10 per hour. Hours completed after the last day of school apply to the next school year. Excess hours cannot be held over to the next school year.


"Faith Lutheran provides a top-notch education."


Crista C, Parent

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