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Stewardship hour requirements:

   Preschool                                 4 hours

   Pre-kindergarten (3-day)       6 hours

   Jr K (5-day pre-k)                     10 hours 

   Kindergarten - 8th grade       15 hours


To report your stewardship hours, complete the form below. In the bottom area, type the task(s) completed (e.g., field trip, Harvest Carnival, classroom), and the date(s).

You may report multiple events by entering the total number of hours in the # of Stewardship Hours field and listing all the dates and tasks in the Date(s) and Task(s) field.


  • Half of the required hours must be completed by January 31.

  • The remaining half must be completed by the last day of school.

  • Hours not completed by these dates are billed at the rate of $10 per hour.

  • Hours completed after the last day of school apply to the next school year.

  • Excess hours cannot be held over to the next school year.

  • Only one family member may report stewardship hours for field trips.

  • Food donated to PIE events may be submitted as stewardship hours (food donated to classroom parties does NOT count). These "hours" need to be reported on the yellow slip outside of the school office and a copy of the receipt attached. One stewardship hour equals $10 of donated items. The amount spent will be rounded to the nearest quarter hour (i.e., $12.69 will equal 1.25 hours).

Thank you for submitting your stewardship hours!

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