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The preschool program is for children who have turned three by September 1. Students attend two days a week, on Tuesday/Thursday in the morning. Our goal is to help preschoolers grow socially and emotionally as students. Classroom sizes are limited to 14 and each class has a teacher's assistant.

At Faith Lutheran School, your child will acquire a foundation of skills from an educational standpoint, as well as social, that will prepare your child for future learning. Class time is spent rotating between free-choice periods and more structured activities. Each school day includes an art activity, music and singing, circle time, books read aloud by the teacher, outdoor play, and “Jesus Time.” Additionally, there is ample time for children to play and learn through imagination and interaction with others.


Academically, our preschoolers are generally diverse in regard to what they have already learned. We ensure our children are introduced to shapes, colors, patterns, letters, numbers, counting, and basic handwriting skills. Classroom activities are structured so children will be able to improve upon their fine motor skills.

Pre-kindergarten (3-day)
Faith Lutheran School's pre-k program is for children who have turned four by September 1. We offer 3-day pre-kindergarten on Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning or afternoon. Class size is limited to 16 students with a teacher and an assistant. Generally, the morning class fills very quickly.


Pre-reading and math skills are taught through themes. Each week a new letter is introduced with special activities to go along. For example: the letter “A” is all about apples. The children write the letter “A”, do apple patterning, taste a variety of apples and then graph their favorites.


You are welcome to call the school office to arrange a time to visit the classroom. Visitors are always welcome.



Jr. Kindergarten (5-day Pre-k)
Our five day per week pre-k program is another option for you to consider. It is offered in the morning on Monday – Friday and is designed for those children who are ready to attend school five days a week.


This class teaches pre-reading and math skills. Lessons are taught through seasonal and letter themes, learning centers, and direct instruction.


You are welcome to visit the classroom any time. We ask that you phone the school office to make arrangements ahead of time.

Grade Level Highlights

To learn more about the curriculum, click the links above.

Visitors are always welcome. Please call the school office to make arrangements to visit or take a tour.

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