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October 15, 2022

The Harvest Carnival is an annual event,  hosted by P.I.E. It's a fun family evening with carnival games, a bounce house, costume contest, face painting, prize booth, and more. Food is available for purchase, and costumes are encouraged.

Game Tickets/Wristbands

Entrance into the gym is free, but tickets or a wristband will need to be purchased for anyone wanting to play the games and activities. 


BLUE tickets are sold Monday-Friday during the school day, $10 for a bag of 25 tickets or 5 for $2.00.  Prices go up the day of the event: 4 for $2.00.

Unlimited wristbands are sold the night of the Harvest Carnival for $10 per child and your child will have unlimited access to carnival games, except the cakewalk (limit of 3 times).

Meal Vouchers

Meal vouchers are $5 each for a choice of pizza, hotdog, chili dog/bowl, plus a drink and chips. 


For just $5 you can throw your teacher in the slammer! Help free your favorite jailbird by posting $5 in bail. The school principal, will be imprisoned until  bail of $300 has been posted. All money raised goes toward the school assembly fund.



Help your child’s teacher by signing up to take a turn running the classroom game/event.



Remember to keep them friendly!

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