The maximum number of students in each class in grades K-4 is 20. A teacher’s assistant is added to a class depending on the needs of the class or when the class is at or nearly at capacity.


Passport Club

Students in 1st – 6th grade participate in Passport Club, which teaches world geography. Each month, students are tested individually on their ability to locate specific locations on a map. Parents are involved by helping their student study their map at home, and parent volunteers are used once a month on testing days to test the students.


All students from preschool – 8th grade get to experience choir. In addition to choir, older students learn an instrument. Students in grades 3 and 4 learn the recorder, grades 5 and 6 learn the ukulele, and grades 7 and 8 learn to play guitar, hand bells and chimes. To showcase what they have learned, students put on a Christmas play, a spring concert, and sing once during the school year at Faith Lutheran Church services.


All students in grades K-8 receive P.E. instruction each week. Health class is taught by the classroom teacher.


Students in grades K-4 utilize technology in varying degrees. Students in the early grades are introduced to computers, while older students learn keyboarding, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. A class set of Chromebooks is used at all levels, with 3rd and 4th graders spending the most time with them.

Grade Level Highlights

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"The teachers are wonderful, they love our children and it shows. The fact that my children pray and learn about the Lord is more important to me than words can say." 

Denise, Parent

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